Thursday, 26 March 2015

If in doubt...shop!

I have signed up to a tonne of fabric shop e-newsletters and offers over the years.  I have to admit a lot get deleted straight away, otherwise I would never leave the house, because I would have no money for clothes or time for anything else, but last week I succumbed to a couple.

Firstly the Eternal Maker's birthday discount was a case of right place right time; I had been eyeing up the bolt end of turquoise rulers, so I snapped them up straight away, oh and a few more bits and bobs, just to make it worth the postman's while, you know, I'm all heart…

And Jo Bearpaw's all new Denyse Schmidt Franklin selection, well I didn't think twice before I had paypal'd a FQ bundle, and I am so glad I did!


So that's me all stocked up and not going to need to buy any more fabric then, ever… yeah right!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Springtime Lola...

Another retirement gift, another Lola pouch

More Essex linen and Frances Newcombe prints, and those lovely extras, metal zipper and leather pull…

I've said it before, and will no doubt say it again, this has got to be the most satisfying pouch to make, love you Svetlana x

And with that successful start to the day, I am also now at binding-point of my #IGminiswap, and think that a little Lola extra will be in order!

Now if you will excuse me posting so early in the evening, I am off to the Guide hall to fill in the paperwork so that I can sleep over at the Brownie holiday in May.  Oh what have I done!?

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Slowly stitching...

I managed a little #ukminiswap hand quilting over the weekend…

… and I hope to get the rest of the feathers completed tomorrow maybe, after a quick bit of retirement present making.  I also need to get dear son's quilt made soon, as they are going to my parents over Easter and it's only fair.

Panicing… just a little!

Monday, 23 March 2015

Split Stars...

I can finally reveal another one of those secret projects I was working on in the months gone by, a little cushion project for Simply Solids.

As a member of the blogging team, the lovely Justine and Lisa sent me an awesome bundle of Cotton & Steel, and having a design in mind, I played about on Touchdraw and the Split Stars design was born…

If you pop over to the Simply Solids blog today, you will find my tutorial, including instructions for the alternating binding.

Please do go take a look, you may even find a little shopping discount code, you know, as a reward! xxx

Friday, 20 March 2015

One Shade of Grey...

Yep, the South Coast eclipse was a total non-event…

I didn't even have to leave my desk, so no effort wasted at least.

But it's the weekend, I have done the business with the hoover, the house looks reasonably respectable, and plans for the weekend are relaxed.  Just what I need.

I do owe so many of you a huge apology for neglecting my Inbox of late.  I fear it has reached scary proportions, so to save my sanity, (but not appease my guilt), I am going to make a sweeping 'Thank You' statement for all your much appreciated words, and hope you don't hold it against me.  This half term may have been a short one, but I feel a bit like I have been through the wringer, although I am now happily out the other side.

So first day of Spring, clean slate and all that.  Bring. It. On. xxx

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Marching on...

After yesterday's progress, today I have continued the productivity by piecing the #ukminiswap top, making the backing and binding, and deciding for sure that, with all the seams, a little hand-quilting round each feather is the way to go…

Each double-feather block measures 6" square, so you can get the scale.

Scrappy binding, a pieced backing and white perle to complete the picture.

I think I will save the quilting and binding for the weekend, a little of what you fancy does you good and all that jazz ;)

Wednesday, 18 March 2015


Today I actually got down to a full day of cutting and sewing.  It felt rather good.

Although the #ukminiswap deadline is still a month away, I thought it was time for me to crack on with my AMH feathers that I started last year!

I am pleased to report that I now have all 18 mini feathers sewn up…

Excuse the dark night-time shot, this one, taken at the mid-point this afternoon is more true to the colours…

These have been a bit of a labour of love, and I am hoping my partner will love them as much as I do.

Thinking ahead already and wondering if a bit of hand-quilting could be in order?

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

To-ing & Fro-ing

School, other school, work, recorder concert, other school pick up, parents evening, home, tea, Cubs…

Knackered xxx

Monday, 16 March 2015

Nice one...

Did you have a good weekend?

My parents came down for the day on Saturday, so gifts were given, cakes eaten and we took a nice walk through the woods and around the block to keep the cobwebs at bay.

On Sunday I got spoilt.  My Pandora bracelet is now pretty much maxed out, as is my waistline after a lovely Mother's Day lunch out.

So no sewing as such, although late Friday I did get to cut the final fabrics that I will be adding to the Brit Bee medallions…

I have Sarah's top here to finish, and the other tops are, fingers crossed, playing speedy catch up so that the grand reveal will take place some time in the not too distant future.  For a self-confessed impatient control freak, I am bearing up quite well ;)

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Ta dahs!

Here are the finished Lola's!

The first, for my colleague, now ex-colleague, which went down very well, it has to be said…

Apologies for the dodgy night-time shots before I wrapped it up last night, sorry.

However this afternoon I finished the other one destined for my Mum for Mother's Day…

Hurrah for the return of the sunny outside photos!!

Yep, I am more than happy with these, complete with little leather zip pulls, and the combos of heavier weight 'bottoms' in Essex Linen and a Kokka blend, with the lovely AGF 'tops'.

That's 4 Lola pouches so far, I know there will be many more!

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A lovely pair of Lolas!!

Almost finished!

I pulled fabrics yesterday, but all the cutting, fusing and stitching were on today's agenda, (along with a load of school stuff and trips to the post office).

I have just finished the binding on the one I need to give as a retirement gift tomorrow, the other needs to be finished for the weekend, so I am on track.

I love this pattern so much; hope the recipients are in agreement.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

My pair revealed...

I do love it when I can reveal all; and this month's Quilt Now holds the long-awaited appearance of a pair of cushions I made at the tail end of the Christmas holibobs…

Made with lovely AGF fabrics, two versions of the same.  Lots and lots of geese; honestly, lots!

This issue is again jammed-full of real-life friends, and on shelves this week I believe.

As for the here and now, tomorrow there will be sewing, you mark my words xxx

Monday, 9 March 2015

For Susan...

This weekend, between healing the sick and feeding the 5,000, I stitched up this month's Stitch Tease blocks for Susan, I am good like that.

Based on this quilt, Susan wanted blocks divisible by 6" finished, so I made a 12" square, two 6"s and a 6" x 12"…

If Susan's quilt ends up half as wonderful as the original it will be fantastic!

I enjoyed picking my fussy cut centres, and the wonk didn't give me too many palpitations either.  Hope they fit the bill my friend xxx

Friday, 6 March 2015

Another one of those days...

I spent the day holding the hair of a poorly child, and finishing of a couple of chores between bouts.

Then to top off the day, I went on the Brownie village quiz trail, finishing off at the chip shop.

I did have Jaffa Cakes for my tea though!  You can't say my life isn't glamourous xxx

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Another World Book Day...

I got away with just buying the girls some fairy wings this year, but dear son was the recipient of a handmade outfit.

Polly The Party Fairy, Gandalf, Luna the Loom Band Fairy
Gandalf the Grey from a sheet; the head hole was chopped a little large, but it all came together and I feel like I did my bit.

If you had small folks partaking, I really hope it wasn't too painful!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

I am rubbish!

You know the list?  The list that I actually had forgotten to add my most urgent to do to.

Well today I totally ignored it and painted my nails!

I know, I have commitment issues!

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

OK, let's do this thing!

I have my list; I have a day off tomorrow, which I intend to use wisely…

I just need to locate the sew-jo, and there'll be no stopping me!

Monday, 2 March 2015

March at last...

For the shortest month of the year, February was chock-full of sh*t!

I am glad it is March, I am not even able to make a Fresh Sewing February mosaic, as most was secret.

So let's move on, and look forward to Spring.

The kids hoped a new month would lead to new fortune…

Sadly they were wrong xxx

Friday, 27 February 2015

To look forward to...

I have to stick my head back above the sewing parapet this weekend, World Book Day beckons, and I have pattern writing to do, but whilst I get busy with the 'have to' I will be looking forward to the 'want to'…

Hope you have a peaceful weekend my friends xxx

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Lighthearted Lola...

I may be suffering from a heavy heart, but a little sewing yesterday (which actually took me all day), and a combination of Lighthearted, (Ayumi's so gorgeous new line for Kokka), and Sveltlana's pattern, I ended up with this…

Poor rainy day photography, I have resorted to the stairs for pictures, sorry.

This large sized pouch pattern is superb!

With a metal zip, a little silver leather patch, and natural Essex Linen with sneaky band of the floral inside, this was a labour of love.  Yes, I stitched half the zip in upside down first time, but there was limited swearing.

I need to play serious catch up with my AmitiƩ BOM, the next month arrived today, so I may be popping the hand-piecing in here, you know, to keep me motivated.

PS. Apologies if I owe you an email/reply, I'll be on it over the weekend, promise xxx